Bird Island Lodge Seychelles

Bird Island Lodge Seychelles

The Seychelles is known as one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world, but it’s not all about the big expensive hotels. Whilst island hopping around this extraordinary archipelago, you’ll discover that the Seychelles is rich in history, in culture, is abundant in nature and offers visitors some of the best beaches in the world.

Each and every island has it’s own charm but one of the most compelling is Bird Island. Even as the plane comes in to land, guests are greeted by incredible views- amazing hues of the blue ocean and the whitest sandy beaches, leaving one with a sensation of excitement and also a state of wonder. This northern-most island of the Seychelles archipelago is only 101 hectares; a small island but the experiences guests take from here are far from this.

Simplicity is key on Bird Island. Its 24 bungalows are spacious, each with a sitting area, a large bathroom and a verandah overlooking the natural gardens. The wooden louvered windows allow the cool breeze to flow through the bungalows, ideal for those who prefer to relax inside. A stone’s throw away is the magnificent West Beach, perfect for sunbathing or for a refreshing swim. The main lodge houses the reception, the restaurant, the bar and the lounge areas. Here, guests will also find the island’s quaint little boutique and library. The lodge’s look is typically island style, from its buildings to its furnishings, giving off a relaxed atmosphere encouraging you to feel at home.

Bird Island is an eco-lodge and safeguarding the island’s natural heritage is priority. The owners have been working hard to ensure this since the lodge’s opening some 40 years ago. Formerly a coconut plantation, the proprietors turned it into the first eco-lodge in the Seychelles and is to this day the only one of its kind. With an awareness of man’s impact on the environment, the family-run lodge has been determinedly educating its visitors on its philosophy through its green practices; from the solar heated water, to its fresh locally sourced creole dishes and the fact that offshore sport fishing by boat is no longer offered.

Exploring the island with the conservation officer, Roby Bresson, will open your eyes to all the natural wonders of the Island and all the conservation work undertaken by its custodians. As you kayak or snorkel in the surrounding waters you may come across the juvenile sea turtles feeding off the sea grass in the shallows or as you go for an afternoon walk, you may stumble upon the intriguing giant tortoises on their own exploits. The most phenomenal of all however, is the sooty tern colony when at its peak. Visitors come from the world over just to witness this spectacle. The northerly location of Bird Island also makes it an ideal ‘port of call’ for many passing birds, a sunny spot away from the winter weather of their homes, much like the human visitors. This allows Bird Island to become a sort of ‘summer home’ for a variety of interesting birds for a period of the year.

Bird Island offers guests a place to get away from the busy, fast paced, modern world of today and without phone signals and T.V. connections, they can do just that. Visitors come to immerse themselves into the island, into nature and into the people who live and work here. The wildlife is astonishing, from the birds in their thousands to the sea turtles nesting around the island daily; a humble reminder of just how precious such places are. On Bird Island, guests live, eat and sleep like true islanders.

The island is accessible by daily flights booked directly with Bird Island.

Flight Times: Depart Mahé at 10:30am (check-in 9:30am), Depart Bird at 11:20am (check-in 10:50am) with arrival into Mahé at 11:55am. 15KG Luggage allowance.  Other Suitcases can be stored at the airport (for a fee).


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