CAPR!CORNUS Development Seychelles

CAPR!CORNUS Development Seychelles

The High End Holistic Project Development Company

If you’ve ever visited Seychelles, you’ll know immediately that there’s a special feel to the green lush mountains and the sandy shorelines characterised by the cascading granite boulders. You’ll also immediately understand the architectural challenge such a terrain can present to any individual with a plan to build a home, luxury hotel or apartments. Follow the chain of project development in Seychelles and you will discover a small market, a stunning but challenging environment that appeals to all senses, and the difficulty in finding the all-encompassing service that can take your design plans from sketch to the finished building.

Founded by Doreen Savy and Michael Schwarz, CEO and CTO of CAPR!CORNUS development Seychelles, the company is the first of its kind in the country that offers an entire range of high end project development, architecture, financing, legal advice, rent, sale, property management and engineering with a sustainable and ecological approach. Michael has designed the inter alia skyscrapers in the Emirates, educational institutions and even one of the biggest Mosques worldwide in the United Arab Emirates; exceptional expertise which he has brought to the profound development company that is CAPR!CORNUS today.

CAPR!CORNUS was founded in 2016 and after an intensive research of the market and the business environment started its operations in April 2018.

The company works with an all-encompassing, challenging and unique dynamism in project development, through a holistic approach to projects and with over 30 years of international experience, the team is well equipped to handle large scale developments on the Island such as hotels and apartment blocks, to new single housing and retail complexes.

The firm specialise in creating iconic buildings which address several challenges in geography, function and scale. The strength lays in designing for complex and challenging sites – addressing environmental, societal and economical issues.

The firms understanding of context goes towards an open, highly subjective interpretation of all accessible facts, figures and emotions. With their focus on quality CAPR!CORNUS develops contemporary architecture and engineering which creates a new context within the environment of the new project. Each project undergoes an in depth analysis which results in the presentation of several solutions to the client.


The firm designs and develops projects for their clients as well as for the on portfolio. The clients share the highest level of architectural ambition which enables CAPR!CORNUS to create an architecture or development with the highest demand in each part of the journey. These projects then ensure a deep satisfaction of the client with all : design, function, ecology and profitability.




In today’s world, especially among young people, more and more are identifying with the digital environment which is replacing the real one. In most of the design-work of CAPR!CORNUS, the firm tries to create or uphold the Identity of a place, and this, requires a deep understanding of the history and culture. This how identity is created.

Doreen is a child of Seychelles. Born and raised in the country, having served in the National Youth service for 2 years, she also studied at the Seychelles Polytechnic, and has worked for one of the best known companies on a Management level. She has been running her own business for more than 10 years and she looks at each new project with this cultural background, paired with her experience of having lived in Zimbabwe and Mauritius. All new projects undergo a serious discussion in the firm to ensure that the ‘Identity’ is not just a hollow phrase but is filled with the right approach from the first line on drawn in the design phase. Her input is essential for the success of each project.


Successful transformation is located somewhere between the past and the future. For CAPR!CORNUS this leads to a process of analyzing existing structures and function and with this result in developing future needs and desires. The potential for innovation then can be found in the present.

A Dialogue between the Old and the New

Michael has extensive international experience in architecture, engineering and project development, having worked as an architect in Dubai and in Germany by holding a Professorship for Architecture at the same time. He understands the delicate specifics of Architecture, finance, ecology and engineering required to take the client’s dream idea from the mere sketch to the finished building. CAPR!CORNUS are translating the culture and history of architecture and engineering into the language of the 21st Century with the unique urban, ecological and economical research they carry out, as well as providing definitive advice on the ways that the challenging and energetic terrain of the islands can be used to the clients advantage.

Imagine a complete dinner and kitchen area built outside the main building of a house combined with a 28 metre long and 2 metre wide pool – this is an extension which will be completed in 2019 by CAPR!CORNUS that has incorporated the tradition of creole architecture with a modern twist. The creole-Seychellois architecture, with its cantilevered roofs and supported by wonderful slim, black steel columns provide shading, featuring large terraces; depicting a life that happens outside, of which has become an eclectic part of the history and identity of Seychelles and should be preserved.

We are trying with each of our projects to translate the culture, history and identity of a place into the language of our century. It’s about the dialogue between the new and the old which ensures the Identity of both”





Ongoing Developments & Projects in Seychelles

All the designs of CAPR!CORNUS are created with a multi-disciplinary  approach involving innovative, sustainable and economical solutions for the client.

At the moment, CAPR!CORNUS is working with inter alia on a luxury Boutique hotel development in the North-East of Mahe, the construction of thirty six high end Apartments in the South, and a multi-use Project with Retail Units and eight Apartments at Beau Vallon. Several Villas and a Guesthouse complete the work of the firm. Other projects, inter alia at Anse Intendance overlooking one of the top 10 ranked beaches in the world are also in the pipeline.

The Hotel is situated at an outstanding location on the Island of Mahe. The concept is to integrate the Nature of Seychelles in a way that each guest can enjoy both the ocean and the lush mountains from their guestroom. The green mountains at the back and the breathtaking view over the ocean at the front of each room. This projects translates the laid back atmosphere in the country into a quiet and unspectacular built environment. Not missing at the same time all amenities any visitor would expect from such project. This includes a life stock of chicken and a vegetable garden for the use of the Restaurant. With the engineered sustainable technique Concept, the project will be 80 % independent from public energy-suppliers, of which includes rainwater harvesting system that will be used for the watering of the landscape. The water overflow of the pools will be integrated into this system as well. A hotel owned 60 ft. Yacht will add unique experiences for the guests when visiting the outstanding marine life of the Seychelles.

All apartments and residential projects designed by CAPR!CORNUS follow the goal of contemporary living within a unique and tropical environment. The Apartments at Beau Vallon are overlooking the Ocean and the Tourist-hotspots situated in the area. The most important approach when designing this project was taking into consideration the openness to the several views and getting the Nature as part of the living experience inside and between the 150 sqm and 230sqm sized Apartments. The Apartments have digitally controlled shading devices which are fixed outside of the glass facades to reduce the amount of heat getting into the rooms by direct sun-radiation. With a smart inbuilt home technology the Buildings communicate with other energy producers, storage facilities and consumers. The principles have been met by an intelligent combination of innovative technologies in energy production, storage and use, with the aim of the self-sufficiency of the buildings.

Each project has its own challenges and all our projects are important to CAPR!CORNUS

 The keyword for a Mix use project is “Complexity” which sums up the experience of designing a solution that accommodates all the specific needs and desires of diverse target groups, whose only common multiple is the physical site on which they reside.  The Mix Use projects in which CAPR!CORNUS is involved with, takes the small available market in Seychelles into consideration when carrying out the feasibility studies, but at the same time delivers a fresh and inviting design to the shops, coffee-shops, offices and supermarkets. The firm developed, in agreement with the customers, an outside advertising concept for the shopping units which excludes inter alia the common extensive facade advertisement for Alcohol to the greatest extent which stands in an educational context as well as in the one of design. The Corporate Identity is ensured by the in and outside design – the attraction and business is created by curiosity.

Keeping these elements in mind CAPR!CORNUS work in a way that is dynamic and whereby design surpasses the rigid frameworks of the past but at the same time incorporating the modern world into fruition.



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