Chatterbox Cafe Seychelles: a winning combination of coffee, chic and comfort

Chatterbox Cafe Seychelles: a winning combination of coffee, chic and comfort

Eden Island Plaza houses what has become a buzz-word when it comes to organising rendezvous and get-togethers of all kinds: Chatterbox Café with its stylish décor, chic interior and great selection of coffee, cakes and wide selection of mouth-watering dishes from the innovative and ever-evolving menu.

Manager Marsha explains, “it’s not truly accurate to call the newly-openedChatterbox a café, because the experience of being here takes you way beyond just drinking coffee. We believe this is a truly unique formula that we have here, not only with regards to just Seychelles, but internationally, because of the sheer volume of products and value-addeds on offer in Chatterbox.”

She and her partner, Kirschlee, opened doors in 2016 in response to a perceived need for a place that breaks the mould and offers a crossover experience between what you might expect from a traditional coffee shop and a fine-dining, bearing in mind that the appearance of the coffee house once revolutionised European social life and, now, drinking coffee in Seychelles will never be the same again.

There’s something about the Chatterbox experience which is delightfully new and fresh. It starts with the funky decor and the way the colour scheme instantly pulls you in among the warm, wooden furniture, casually arranged to create a classy yet informal, friendly atmosphere.

It’s a bit like visiting that trendy friend’s stylish digs back in the day and just kicking back and enjoying its magnetic ambiance and the constant stream of personalities who were attracted to its door.

Sure, the coffee’s really good and the same goes for the vast range of cakes, prepared meals, salads and the ever-changing temptations of the daily menu. The impressive choice will ensure you remain healthy throughout your busy day, from breakfast right through to dinner, cocooned in this oasis of pure island – style hospitality and soul.But somehow, you rather expect cafés to provide good coffee and snacks,(alcoholic beverages too) which is why the wonderful value add-ons at Chatterbox are what set it apart from the competition. Featuring high on the list of popular dishes come the gourmet stacks, full of gastronomical promise and a real treat but there’s also delish pizzas, grilled lamb cutlets, roasted maple-glazed chicken, juicy rib eye, sirloin and rump steaks, tuna carpaccio, fish prepared island-style and really great juices, gourmet milk shakes and a choice of truly wicked desserts, teas and coffees. Not to forget the alcoholic beverages, choice of select wines and brilliantly-crafted cocktails.

Open 365 days a year, and with friendly, attentive service, it’s all been thought through: from the cozy corner with its inviting settee, ideal for meeting friends;  where they will be well entertained while you chat and even the single stations for lone wolves snacking on the run. Also, part of the Chatterbox experience is free WiFi and conveniently-placed.

What makes a difference at Chatterbox is that it’s a place with a strong sense of purpose: a natural place for meetings, rendezvous, hangouts, chillaxes and that special get-together where the need for a real sense of atmosphere tops the list.

Chatterbox has it all and offers a true sense of identity as well. It’s not a place you’ll want to rush out of after a quick cup of coffee. It’s somewhere you’ll want to stay and soak up the mood, not to mention the great food, but, there again, that’s always been the difference between a coffee house and just a café.

Plans for the second half of 2018 include a complete makeover including total redecoration and also an upgrading of the menu to make sure it remains one of the very best on the islands, catering to a wide demographic of client with varied tastes and preferences.