Côte d’Or Footprints – Where Time Stands Still

Côte d’Or Footprints – Where Time Stands Still

Uniquely luxurious and small enough to feel like your own personal getaway

Footprints on Côte d’Or Beach, Praslin, is a family owned, self-catering establishment. The architecture, although in concrete, reflects the old-style creole buildings of their ancestors. Surrounded by lushly landscaped gardens, all chalets are elegantly decorated and equipped with modern conveniences. All chalets are equipped with furniture locally designed and crafted by master artisans here at home.

Côte d’Or Footprints offers twelve individual chalets/villas all hugging this most beautiful beach of Côte d’Or. Every chalet enjoys a superb view of the beach and the ocean, being a short few steps away! Spoil yourself – Swim and frolic on one of the best beaches in the world, relax in our salt-water pool, or better yet, do both! Towels, loungers, kayaks and fresh water open air shower are at your disposal! Personal bbq grills are available for grilling under a starry sky. These are complimentary. The best part – you can also decide to do absolutely nothing!

In order to meet demands, as well as single and double chalets, Côte d’Or Footprints recently introduced two brand new two-storey family chalets. Along with this, Footprints now generates 30 percent of its own power via solar energy, as well as using rainwater harvesting for landscaping.

Deemed the most touristy of the Seychelles’ 115 islands, Praslin offers the tourist’s dream holiday. Just 36 km from Mahé, with air shuttles and high-speed ferries you can find yourself in paradise in no time. Praslin is a granitic island; about 11km long by 4km across and has its highest elevation at 340m above sea level. Yes, Praslin with its famous “Coco de Mer” growing wild in the renowned, lush Vallée de Mai, has been named the original Garden of Eden.

The Praslin coastline offers an abundance of the most beautiful beaches imaginable: from the small, secluded, romantic little beach nestled in that special little cove, to the splendour of majestic Côte d’Or Beach. Besides lazing on the beach and catching up on your tan, you can also go snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing or trying out the other multitude of water-related activities on offer around the island. Taxi boats are also available to take you to the adjoining islands, such as St Pierre and Ile Curieuse! Day trips to La Digue are also recommended. The ferries between these two islands are frequent and regular and only take 10 to 15 minutes each way. Should you prefer land-based activities, try hiking up the yet untouched-by-man hills, go bike riding or explore the island by car. The world-famous Vallée de Mai with its Coco de Mer palms growing in their natural habitat is a must for all! Praslin is also renowned for its wide variety of restaurants, from the smallest, quaint “on-the-roadside” shack to the classiest of upscale restaurants. As you can see, you can choose to be a busy bee or laid back vacationer – it’s up to you. To aide in your adventures and tour scheduling, our manager is always happy to facilitate you with achieving a most memorable experience. *Not recommended on holiday, but if you must, free wifi is available to all.

Get away from it all. Follow in the footsteps of the family’s generations by creating memories and leaving only footprints in the sand.

Historically, the official name of the beach on which Footprints stands is Anse Volbert, named after Auguste VAULBERT, one of the first French settlers of the area. The name Côte d’Or was given to this estate by its original owner, Charles JOUANIS, grandfather to the present owners. Côte d’Or Estate at the time was quite vast and included Anse Volbert as well as parts of Baie Ste Anne.

In 1744 this island was first named Ile des Palmes by Lazare PICAULT, no doubt in reference to the abundance of the giant Coco de Mer palms on the island. A second name in 1756, Ile Moras, was given by Nicolas MORPHEY who was the new Financial Controller in France. The name Praslin finally came in 1768 in honour of César-Gabriel CHOISEUL-CHEVIGNY, Duc de Praslin, the French Minister of the Navy.