Don’t Let the Earth Wear Plastics – artist create ‘plastic clothes’ formed an art installation in Victoria Bus Terminal Station

Don’t Let the Earth Wear Plastics – artist create ‘plastic clothes’ formed an art installation in Victoria Bus Terminal Station

‘Don’t Let the Earth Wear Plastics’ – if you are wandering around Victoria Bus Terminal Station, make sure you look up and find those ‘plastic clothes’ hang up under the ceiling, with these bold hand-written texts on it.

The art installation, entitled ‘Up Clothes Line’ was put up in the bus terminal station before last year Christmas. Designed by Jude Ally, art teacher of Plaisance Secondary School in 2018, this installation is hand-made with plastic packaging glued onto soft cardboard which are cut into ‘T-shirt’ shape. The discarded materials were collected mainly by school students from their own backyards.

‘We did not want the artwork to be seen as a decoration or something beautiful. We want this artwork to avoid any illusions of people feeling okay to have our life and environment surrounded with plastics. It is not okay, and this art installation forces people to look at the disturbing facts of what will happen once we discard those plastic items.’ said Jude.

The installation is also a collaborative effort from the community, including the Colibri Wildlife Club members of Plaisance Secondary School, and their facilitator Robert Gappy; Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC); and Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) of Seychelles.

Seychelles has been bestowed with a unique and rich marine and terrestrial biodiversity of outstanding beauty, which as we develop needs to be protected and conserved. The aim of this art installation is to develop awareness amongst school children and the wider community to relook at how plastic affect the life and environment in Seychelles, thus to reduce their dependence on plastic products.

Notably, this is the third art installation after the first one – the IYOR 2018 Mural (wall painting) at Pointe Larue Secondary School completed in this November, and the second – the La Digue Star sculpture at roundabout by the jetty on La Digue, completed in early December.

All the art installations are part of the ‘UP!Seychelles’ – a series of art projects with the aim to raise awareness through art. The project is initiated by Seychelles Art Foundation in 2018 to deliver maximum exposure for educational and motivational messages mainly concerning the environmental sustainability in Seychelles. The project is funded by the GEF Small Grants Programme.

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