Elegant Yachting the Mahe fishing experts

Elegant Yachting the Mahe fishing experts

Elegant Yachting was established in 2005 by Mr. Sindu Parekh. As the person of extraordinary charisma and unparalleled knowledge of destination “fishing” that he is, Mr. Sindu has travelled a great adventurous path, creating not only a successful business, but authentic memories for his clientele. ‘In our company we do not just charter yachts or take people fishing…’, says Mr. Parekh, ‘we tailor their very unique Seychelles memories and we assure their dream catch comes true.’

Great service and expertise are two major founding elements in Elegant Yachting. Team members and partners are carefully selected in order to sustain the company’s philosophy. ‘We may not offer all charter possibilities, but we most certainly offer the best.’

Elegant Yachting team is all for tailoring exclusive charter experiences, as they recognise that every traveller has certain preferences and aspirations, and is likely to be seeking a perfect tool to help in their pursuit of real adventure.

As of one the world’s leading destinations for fishing, Seychelles annually attracts sport fishing fanatics from all around the globe and Elegant Yachting prides itself for being one of the leading Outer Island Charter operators. From September to May, they run extreme sport fishing expeditions ranging from 140 Nmiles to 380 – 500 Nmiles in distance from the main island of Mahe. ‘The Grander’ – their flagship, plays the role of a mothership, – “a home away from home” as their guests like to say.

Ile Platte, Amirantes Group, Providence & Cosmoledo are the major destinations for extreme monster fishing. Extensive fishing grounds, untouched, unexplored routes, wider variety of species and significant chances of landing “monster fish”- every fisherman’s dream – that is what Outer Islands are about.  Jigging for dogtooth tunas, countless kinds of groupers, casting for large Yellow fin tunas, sailfish and Giant Trevally – and many more species that sport fisherman from every corner of the world crusade to Seychelles for.

The Seychelles actually holds a number of International Game Fish Association (IGFA) records for fish species caught in and around the Outer Islands, including  records for bonefish, the dogtooth tuna, big-eye trevally and the moustache grouper.

In an attempt to protect such diversity and the health of the Seychelles’ marine life, the practice of ‘catch and release’ has become increasingly popular in the Seychelles.

Elegant Yachting is widely known for its support towards such practice, particularly for the species like Marlins, Sailfish, Giant Trevallies, Tunas. ‘We invest every effort in making it global: we educate our crew and clientele, we inspire them to “create tomorrow”, so to have the ecosystem protected for future generations of anglers. We believe that in time Seychelles will remain №1 Destination for sport fishing in the world’ says Mr. Sindu.

Seychelles really do verge on near perfection: waters that glisten under an equatorial sun, sweeping white bays, swaying palms, stunning hotels, unparalleled biodiversity, living things one can only see in the Seychelles, one of its kind ambiance and culture.

What lies beyond coastlines is Elegant Yachting’s expertise. Seychelles Archipelago is a perfect canvas and the team will help every charterer to paint it any colour each guest’s wish. Their charter portfolio consists of more than a dozen yachts to explore the Seychelles waters on and expert crew will add the heart to it and guide you around the world’s most beautiful sugar-like beaches, crystal clear waters, and will delight you with local cuisine and exceed your every expectation. Whether it’s a family vacation and you would like to explore the jewels of Inner Islands, or you are a fanatical angler who wishes to go beyond – there is a charter itinerary that will thrill and excite you.

With over 20 years of the yacht ownership experience, Mr. Sindu has developed an additional direction of the business, by including the purchase and ownership of boats in Seychelles into the company’s service profile. ‘Now exotic, postcard-like sceneries could be explored on board your very own yacht. With our team of professional advisors it just got easier.’