Gran Kaz Casino Bar Resturant

Gran Kaz Casino Bar Resturant

Created in 2014, Gran Kaz, located in Mercury House in the heart of the capital, Victoria, is home to Seychelles’ superior gaming experience for clients aged 18 and above. Cocooned within a visually stimulating, roomy and relaxing atmosphere, this unique experience, available Monday to Sunday, includes an offering of a vast variety of the most technologically-advanced slot machines as well as a world-class casino experience including Roulette, Black Jack, Russian poker, Casino Hold’em poker and Baccarat.

Gran Kaz offers so much more than just gaming and in the form of a variety of in-house bars such as the popular Zez bar located on the ground floor of Mercury House. Offering competitive prices and excellent service, this is where both locals and visitors can enhance their gaming enjoyment in an enticing, vibrant atmosphere, watching sports events, enjoying an after-work drink with colleagues or catching up with friends in a conveniently central location. On the first floor of Mercury House, Bonm bar, a smaller, more intimate version of Zez provides a more select venue to accommodate those in search of a quiet ambiance perfect for smaller gatherings. Finally, as its name suggests, the Piano bar in the Mercury House Annex provides the perfect, sophisticated venue by way of its lounge-like atmosphere with its signature cocktails and renowned, Gran Kaz first-class service.

Gran Kaz has recently extended its footprint to include the exclusive Gran Kaz Bel Ombre Slots in the bustling north of the island where a technologically-advanced entertainment centre caters for a wide range of audiences. Complementing this exceptional gaming experience, its Tanbour Bar and Grill is, quite simply, the finest sports bar on the island offering its clients big-screen sports entertainment with delicious signature cocktails and a fine bar menu to help them relax after work or gather with friends at the weekend.

Already with a reputation for hosting spectacular, outdoor events such as the Moonlight Invasion, Valentine’s Day Bachelor Auction, Gran Kaz’s International Jazz Day Celebrations, among others, the venue has far more in store for its clients in future and is also ideally situated and equipped to host private functions on the patio with its choice of attractive entertainment packages, including hosting everything from small cocktails to exclusive dinners.

Gran Kaz plays a very active role in the communities where it operates. Their corporate social responsibility activities stem from a deep seated belief that businesses can only ever thrive if the people in their communities also thrive. At the core of this belief is Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship. For any business to sustain and grow in the long term it cannot see itself as being isolated from the community. By providing the community with opportunities to grow and develop, they are not just doing a nice thing, we are doing the right thing.

Our CSR portfolios have ranged from conservation efforts, to tackling social ills such as drug abuse, supporting animal welfare organisations as well as financing Early Childhood Development frameworks. One such community project that the team are particularly proud of is the “adoption” and renovation of the iconic national monument, the Kenwyn House.

A passion for art, and for preserving and promoting their traditions and culture, were the driving force behind the decision to renovate the incredible piece of historical architecture that is the Kenwyn House, and to turn it into a public Art and Culture Gallery.

Kenwyn House

Constructed in 1855, Kenwyn House’s first occupant was chief medical examiner Dr. James Henry Brooks before becoming the home of the engineers of the Eastern Telegraphic Company and, finally, being declared a national monument in 1984.

In the years that followed, the house has stood proud in the heart of Victoria, though years of wear and tear and being weather-beaten finally took a toll.

In 2018, Gran Kaz acquired the lease on this monument and with the help of Laxmanbhai and Co. The company embarked on the exciting journey of restoring the beautiful building, so exemplary of the French colonial style of the time – which has become synonymous with traditional Creole architecture – to its former glory.

Kenwyn House now stands open to visitors as a public art gallery, showcasing some of the most extraordinary works of local Seychellois artists. By giving this building back to the community in the form of a gallery Gran Kaz are not only helping to promote and encourage local artists in the Seychelles, but also further enriching the art scene in the capital.

The Kenwyn House Gallery operates as a purely non-profit entity. This means that not only is it free for the artists to display their work, and free entry for visitors, but it also means that they do not sell any of the artworks on site. Rather, they allow the artists full ownership of sales. The gallery rotates artists on a quarterly basis, ensuring that the art exhibited is always fresh and exciting. Many big names on the local art scene have already been featured in the Kenwyn House Gallery, alongside up and coming new faces. Gran Kaz aim to help further cultivate the arts in Seychelles, both in the sense of enticing young people to be more involved in this field, but also to encourage so-called amateur artists to continue to develop their skill and passion. The team hope to achieve this with a new project they have in the pipelines – the Kenwyn House Gallery Arts and Literature Awards.

Kenwyn House Gallery also boasts the first ever Coco de Mer Wall in Seychelles – presenting the unofficial emblem of the Seychelles in all its forms, shapes and sizes. The Coco de Mer, which is the largest nut in the world, and endemic to the Seychelles, is a rare plant that gained protected status in 1995.

Set up in collaboration with the Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF), the wall is dedicated to providing information about this most intriguing plant and raising awareness about the work undertaken by the SIF for its protection and propagation. The wish is that the Coco de Mer wall will become a landmark in its own right, a perfect place to take a ‘Seychelles selfie’ – a unique keepsake for visitors.

Since its opening in October 2018, the Gallery has made quite an impression on all who have visited – artists and art lovers alike.