‘La Digue Star’ shines by Jetty raising awareness of environment protection


The art installation, entitled ‘La Digue Star’ was put up on the wall of L’Union Estate last week, which is next to the roundabout of the Jetty of La Digue.

The installation, consisting of four starfishes, were hand-made with plywood frames and decorated with bottle tops and tins of various fizzy drinks. The discarded materials were found and collected mainly near beaches and on cycle pathways all around La Digue.

Designed by Dylan Owen, the La Digue school art teacher, it took two months to realize the installation, with the collaboration from art teachers Jocelyn Charlette and Oresten Rose, alongside secondary students of La Digue School.

Seychelles has been bestowed with a unique and rich marine and terrestrial biodiversity of outstanding beauty, which as we develop needs to be protected and conserved. The aim of this art installation is to develop awareness amongst school children and the wider community of protection and preservation of the environment.

Notably, this is the second art installation after the first one – the IYOR Mural (wall painting) at Pointe Larue Secondary School completed in this November. Both art installations are part of the ‘UP!Seychelles’ a series of art projects with the aim to raise awareness through art. The project is initiated by Seychelles Art Foundation in 2018 to deliver maximum exposure for educational and motivational messages mainly concerning the environmental sustainability in Seychelles. The project is funded by the GEF Small Grants Programme.

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About SAF:

Seychelles Art Foundation (SAF), formerly Seychelles Art Projects Foundation, was established by a group of Seychellois artists prior to the first national participation at the Venice Biennale (2015 edition), since then SAF has established itself as a body capable of delivering project outcomes at the highest international and domestic level. SAF’s mission is to enhance the quality, status and development of the visual arts in the Seychelles. SAF devises, designs, funds and delivers a range of art events and activities which involves and impacts upon various Seychelles communities.

About UP! Seychelles Project:

The title of the project ‘UP!’ refers to ‘increase’, as encapsulated within the principal aims of the project – to increase environmental awareness; to increase environmental good practice; to increase local capacity to underwrite sustainability of achievements; and to involve and empower the Seychelles community, specifically – though not exclusively – the community of cultural actors. The project is about the creation and installation of major public art works – notably sculpture, installations, murals and video – all site specific and located to deliver maximum exposure for educational, aesthetic and motivational messages concerning environmental sustainability in Seychelles. The project is funded by the GEF Small Grants Programme.


For further information, please contact

Ms. Shirley YU (Mahe) / Mr. Dylan Owen (La Digue)

Tel: +248 2521677 / +248 2570840

Email: info@seychellesartprojects.org / owendylan68@gmail.com