One Bayview, a luxurious and iconic development in the heart of the Seychelles, has been announced as the proud winner of four categories at the International Property Awards 2020-2021.


The outstanding modern architecture, state-of-the-art interior design and
regionally inspired luxury experience captured both the beauty of the Seychelles and the attention of the judges, winning for “Residential Development“, “Mixed-Used Development“, “Architecture Multiple Residence“ and “Apartment/Condominium”. One Bayview is a place of harmony, bathed in breath-taking views of the surrounding natural
beauty, comprising of 35 luxury suites and penthouses.

Owners can enjoy the tranquility of a new way of life. The Seychelles themselves are reflected in a unique language of design and architecture. “The architecture is an expression of our love and devotion to the Seychelles”, explains their developer Achim Leiss. “Winning these awards is so important for us – like an international stamp of approval. It is a testament to the outstanding work of our architectural team from the Company Feigin and our Interior designers ARA Design.

Life at Seychelles is so different, we wanted that to be felt in every room throughout each suite – and we feel we’ve accomplished that.” “Our biggest challenge was how to bring the outside inside”, says the self-confessed
Seychelles lover who lives in the Seychelles since 1998. The concept was shaped by the natural features of its location, following organic lines, costal curves and ocean waves.

Carefully selected materials, luxury brands, and mindful interior architecture create a flowing feeling of space, of being outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic terraces break down the barriers to the incredible views and perfect climate beyond. The contemporary design of the public areas interprets the Seychelles into a modern luxury setting. Swimming pools drift into the horizon; artworks express the vibrant cultural identity.

“It was my dream to share how I felt about my home here with the rest of the world” says Achim Leiss. “To do that it has to be perfect, to achieve the highest standards of luxury in every detail, in every fitting and fixture.“ This philosophy continues with an exceptional service and comprehensive facilities, a Gym, Spa, Marina and Residents Club – as well as a concierge service at the reception.

The natural landscapes of Seychelles, One Bayview tells the story of the Seychelles people, of their history, culture and art. “One Bayview is based upon a holistic lifestyle inspired by local traditions and values. We wanted that our clients feel intimate and authentic and at home. To always feel a part of the Seychelles” underlines Achim Leiss. “I am excited, proud and thankful to be part of this great team and to be recognized at the highest level”, says Achim Leiss. “An International Property Award is a world-renowned
mark of excellence. I always believed in this project. To win one award would have been amazing, to win four feels like a dream come true.”