Oscars Bar & Grill Revisit the Golden Age of the Seychelles

Oscars Bar & Grill Revisit the Golden Age of the Seychelles

In south-west Mahé there lies a bar and grill whose formula of the perfect location, outstanding cuisine and panoramic views of the bay of Anse á la Mouche, revives the Seychelles’ legendary beachside entertainment scene.

Seychelles in its heyday was dotted with any number of beachside bars with deliciously informal atmospheres and al fresco menus, pulling revellers and diners like magnets onto sun-kissed beaches to while away the hours enjoying good company, great food and drinks and, in particular, that relaxed, authentic island atmosphere that kept them coming back for more. There is much talk about how those days in the sun, enjoying classic, island-style leisure time, appear to have evaporated in the latter-day tropical haze but, thanks to the Oscars Bar and Grill, no more!

The brainchild of entrepreneur Mark Davison and his partner Milen Velikov, who until recently ran the popular Sound Garden Bar in Baie Lazare, this exciting new venture right at the water’s edge with its breezy tropical garden, looks all set to turn that around.

The philosophy of Oscars is simple and built on three pillars: amazing, multi-faceted venue; an eclectic and uncomplicated menu designed to please and fun activities to match.

You feel the difference as soon as you walk into the large veranda and encounter the expansive bar, crafted in local wood and with murals inspired by local artist Alcide Libanotis to resemble a ghost ship washed ashore on a deserted island, with its shattered mast, cracked planking and ghostly lighting. Its ingeniously-conceived wood backdrop is home to row upon row of bottles waiting to be cunningly blended into Oscars repertoire of cocktails conjured up by resident alchemist and virtuoso barman, Warren.  Oscars also offers a selection of ice-cold beers, including 1664 and Carlsberg on draft.

Further along the veranda, tables in the main dining area overlook the ocean over a low sea-wall, part of which is arranged as a secondary bar where one can also sit and catch coral sunsets or follow the antics of the marine life caught in Oscars floodlights. On the other side, in a pretty beachside garden, waving coconut palms dapple a further array of tables in sunlight and shade by day and are etched in turn by delicate fairy lights by night, adding yet another dimension to the Oscar experience. This is a haven for families and children who will relish the space and safe access to the sea. At the end of the garden, in just one step, you are on the pristine beach and, in two, already in the balmy, shallow waters of the bay.

With its capacity for 60 diners, Oscars offers an enticing combination of Milen’s now-famous signature grilled fish and tasty Creole and Thai dishes as well as a choice of healthy salads. Oscars offers the largest selection of deep-sea and reef fish anywhere in the islands, all grilled to melt-in-your-mouth.  Not to be missed is Oscars fish tartare, freshly prepared in house from tuna steak. For the lucky few, Milen occasionally treats his guests to traditional culinary masterpieces from his native Bulgaria, with an island twist, of course.

As if that isn’t enough to tempt diners from all over the island, Oscars host different themed evenings; special DJ parties from 2-10pm; weddings and private functions as well as movie and sports nights thanks to Oscars large screen and state-of-the-art projector.

Oscars offers a full-day, all-inclusive package where you pay a set fee and then kick back and enjoy a whole day’s relaxation with drinks and food from the à la carte menu included; something unique in Seychelles. Oscars also offers a full, traditional English breakfast, complete with all the trimmings.

As a small recognition of Seychelles’ long, sea-faring history, any guest arriving at Oscars by boat is welcomed with a drink “on the house”.

Thanks to the innovative spirit behind Oscars, any nostalgia for its Golden Age is now a thing of the past.