Pirogue Restaurant & Bar Praslin Seychelles

Pirogue Restaurant & Bar Praslin Seychelles

Debuting in April 2010, Pirogue Restaurant & Bar is a small family business located next to one of the most exquisite beaches of Praslin – Cote D’or Beach. Famous for its fine white sand and azure ocean, the Cote D’or village use to be a fishing village where lots of fishermen would go out each day in their traditional wooden ‘pirogue’, a traditional boat, to fish for the local community.  Although modern boats have now taken over the pirogues, the Bedier family (who originate from this village) wanted to keep the legacy of these boats alive due to the fact they have played in important role in feeding the island.  With this in mind, the Pirogue Restaurant & Bar concept was born and now stands a building of a rather traditional, colonial architecture overlooking the beach.

A dynamic team of 90% Praslinois is one of the greatest prides of the establishment, enabling it serve guests in a traditional friendly, welcoming atmosphere on a daily basis.

Open everyday, Pirogue serves Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Various alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails from fresh local ingredients are available for a refreshing start to a lovely meal. Seasonal fresh fruit juices such as passion fruit, mango and lime are also available alongside the Seychelles’ beer, ‘Seybrew’,which is advertised as an ‘endemic of the Seychelles’.

The restaurant offers a wide range of local specialties from Seychellois cuisine such as the famous ‘Grilled Catch of the Day’ (which will depend on the fisherman’s luck each day) ranging from the colorful and tasty Parrot Fish to Groupers or sometimes Job Fish fillets.  The catch of the day is served with a tomato-based Creole Sauce, rice and chutney. The ‘Octopus Curry’, although seasonal, is also a favourite, prepared with local spices and coconut milk. The ‘Creole Mixed Salad’, a harmonious mixture of carrots, cabbages, mid-ripe mangoes and papaya with a tropical fruit vinaigrette also tops the charts.

A range of other cuisines are also available. This includes the ‘Chicken and Prawns Curry’ and ‘Grilled Exotic Chicken’ served with a Tropical Fruit Sauce and Vegetables of the day. In the seafood corner, the ‘Grilled Prawns Kebab’, ‘Job Fish’ and ‘Grilled Lobster with Lemon, Garlic and Butter Sauce’ are dishes that are guaranteed to impress.

The vegetarians have not been left out as a vegetarian corner offers options such as the ‘Vegetable Gratin’, ‘Vegetable Ratatouille’ and ‘Tomato and Basilic Pasta’. Other non-veg pasta options include the ‘Rigatoni prepared with prawns and local spinach’, ‘Seafood Curried Tagliatelle’ as well as a ‘Chicken and Mushroom Spaghetti’.

An extensive selection of wines from France, South Africa, Italy and Chili are also available to partner with the mouthwatering dishes. The warm Creole ambiance is especially intensified on Friday evenings, where a local band performs both local and international music. Guests are always welcome for an exceptional  time out with families and friends – qualities which make it famous amongst both tourists and locals.

Pirogue Restaurant & Bar hopes to keep welcoming guests each day, offering an ever-improving service in order to meet the high expectations of their guests.

“We view each day as a learning experience where we can identify ways we can better serve our guests and meet their expectations and we hope to keep doing that for many more years to come,” the family shared.