Presenting Jayne Fashion Eden Island Seychelles


Jayne, the hallowed Eden Island fashion boutique, offers a unique touch point for high fashion, refined style and superior taste in Seychelles.

“Using my passion, knowledge and experience of the international fashion scene to create a unique space for fashion in Seychelles.”

Seychelles’ Eden Island Mall is home to an elegant boutique ‘Jayne’ that is redefining the way fashion is presented in Seychelles and fast becoming a Mecca for aficionados seeking variety in fashion.

Jayne, which is located in a prime location on the main thoroughfare of the prestigious Eden Plaza, is owned and run by Seychelloise Jennifer Isnard who left her island home at the tender age of 10 for school in Switzerland and a life travelling the world that included 20 years in the fashion business (acquisitions, sales and managment) before returning to the islands to do her own thing and run her own successful business.

Jayne is a wonderfully aesethic space in Eden Plaza, easily recognisable by its, bright art décor interior – and chic retail space cast about with intriguin gobjects, high-end accessories: bags, jewellery, sunglasses and perfumes and of, course, the latest en vogue offerings from the fashion houses of New York, London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles and, most recently, Australia.

Jennifer, who has been the inspiration behind Jayne for five years now, and who is visibly passionate about her career in fashion, constantly treads the familiar path between the fashion capitals that were once her home, to unearth a steady stream of tasteful treasures, bringing only the very best back to Seychelles in line with her personal philosophy of introducing novel, quality fashion items to her island home.

Gazing about her boutique, which is a pleasure in itself, your eyes fall on divine, fashion eye-candy in the form of exquisite cottons, silks and cashmires and the tags of exclusive brands: Golden Goose; Forte_forte; Raquel Allegra; Bassike; Mykita; Yasmine Eslami; Humanoid; Ancient Greek sandals; Crista Seya; among other select offerings. One has to be in her boutique for only a few minutes to realise that, for Jennifer, only the very best will do and that she is prepared to travel the world to find it.

The delicate perfumes on offer are all niche brands, articulating once again Jennifer’s ambition to include items that are new, fresh and exciting in an inventory which is constantly rotated to keep it enticing and supremely seductive for her discerning clientèle.

So far, the Jayne philosopy been a winning one, testified to by the steady stream of fashionistas beating a path to her door to enjoy the range and sophistication of her collections as well as the bespoke accessory ‘gems’ that have become an integral part of the Jayne brand.

Despite the high-end garments on display, the boutique is down-to-earth, relaxed and welcoming, with calming hues and knowledgable and helpful staff, all clearly proud of their role in this retail success story.

“What I have tried to do with Jayne,” explains Jennifer,“ is to use my passion, knowledge and experience of the fashion world to create a unique space for fashion in Seychelles, a place that differentiates itself by way of its refined tastes and providing accessibility to world-class style.”

Jennifer is certainly bringing a world of fashion to her home islands, setting the bar sky high for retailers and attracting island visitors, all keen to invest in a slice of the elegance she has created.