Raffles Hotel Praslin Seychelles

Raffles Hotel Praslin Seychelles

For 128 years Raffles has gone out of its way to give you the warmest welcome, the richest experiences and the fondest of memories and today the legend continues all over the world. The Raffles name is synonymous with luxury, glamour and extraordinary adventure. Each hotel is an oasis of calm and charm at the crossroads of a civilization. Each is a carefully chosen destination in its own right. Each is uniquely, indefinable, sublimely Raffles.

Now as we grow and reach new and sometimes surprising destinations, our guests can rest assured that wherever in the world we travel, we will remain distinctly Raffles – infused with the same spirit of adventure, luxury and sublime service. Exciting and enchanting, refreshing and invigorating, Raffles is loved by those with an adventurous spirit and a taste for the very best.

In 2011, Raffles’ first ever resort in the Indian Ocean has been opened in one of the world’s most far flung destinations, the island of Praslin in the Seychelles. Beautifully designed upon a lush hill facing the Indian Ocean, Raffles Seychelles features 86 private villas, some of the most spacious in the archipelago. Each villa offers a private pool and outdoor pavilion to soak up the breath-taking views of the opal-hued ocean, white sandy beach and rolling green hills. An oasis of laidback luxury, Raffles Seychelles instills a sense of wellbeing and creates an atmosphere of blissful relaxation, ideal for the paradise seeker.

The resort sites right on the beautiful and renowned Anse Takamaka Beach, 500 meters of pristine white sand line the resort’s beachfront, with dramatic granite formation adding to the picturesque coastline. It only gets better as you can step a few meters from the beach and enjoy two, 45 meters long infinity pool, where paradise seekers can relax, sunbathe and enjoy fresh cocktails.

Another amazing attraction to Raffles Seychelles is the signature Raffles Spa, a haven of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation. Steps away from the coastline of Anse Takamaka, amidst stunning surroundings, it’s carefully designed to calm the spirit and awaken the senses. This luxurious spa features 13 treatment pavilions, showcasing the spectacular view of the blue ocean, tropical gardens and dramatic granite boulders. Two spa suites, a first in the Seychelles, are fitted with steam showers, Japanese soaking tubs and observation decks where guests can enjoy stunning vistas in privacy.

A tranquil spa garden makes the ideal spot for pre- and post-spa relaxation. Set among natural rock formations and high above the water, even the journey to the treatment pavilions is an intrinsic part of the Raffles Spa experience. At 1,234 square meters this is the largest spa in the archipelago, and the closest spa to the Indian Ocean.

Dining at Raffles Seychelles is an absolute pleasure as you are spoilt with the world of fresh seafood before you! Beach dinners under the stars, cocktails on a rooftop overlooking the ocean, finely crafted sushi and sashimi, contemporary Creole dishes: Raffles Seychelles presents a diverse collection of culinary experiences at its four restaurants; Losean Restaurant, Curieuse Restaurant, The Sushi Room, and Pool Restaurant & Bar.

Losean Restaurant – From breakfast dishes from around the world to an evening menu inspired by the Indian Ocean, Losean offers thoughtfully-prepared and contemporary food throughout the day. Come evening and Losean becomes an elegant dinner setting, with tables both inside and out in the gardens, candlelit and accompanied by the sounds of the sea. Incorporating local ingredients and freshly-caught fish, the à la carte menu is a tribute to the best of Creole and Indian Ocean-inspired food; simple and delicious, with a contemporary twist.

Curieuse Restaurant – A gastronomic journey tracing through India, China and South East Asia, Curieuse, led by Chef de Cuisine Sunil Dutt, is the Seychelles’ only Asian restaurant. Infused with oriental spice and aromatic ingredients, the menu varies from Thai salads and spicy sour soup to Indian curries and traditional Chinese stir-fries. With low-lit outdoor tables dotted amid the leafy Seychellois surroundings, Curieuse is an atmospheric, island-chic setting for an unforgettable dinner.

The Sushi Room – In a location famed for its fresh fish, The Sushi Room at Curieuse celebrates the island’s world-class catch with an exciting menu of sushi and sashimi.

The intimate, eight-table room, just off the main Curieuse restaurant, allows guests to witness the chef in action, skillfully preparing each dish moments before it arrives at their table.

The evening tasting menu presents an assortment of nigiri, tataki, maki and sashimi for a well-rounded experience of Japanese cuisine, complemented by a variety of sake. Sushi can also be enjoyed à la carte at Pool Restaurant & Bar for lunch.

Pool Restaurant & Bar– showcasing fresh, local products and light cuisine, the Pool Restaurant & Bar offers a casual lunch setting, perfect for refueling during a busy day of soaking up the Seychellois sun. Serving salads, sandwiches and well-loved classics from around the world, as well as sushi and sashimi, the menu’s diverse options cater to every appetite.

Celebrations are also done in exquisite Raffles style in Praslin. When it comes to marking your special occasion, the possibilities are endless at Raffles Seychelles: enjoy a group trip of a lifetime, complete with beach barbecues, cookery classes, excursions to neighboring islands and fishing trips; celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with private dinners under the stars, rooftop cocktails and spa treatments.

Synonymous with romance thanks to its white sands, stunning scenery and beautiful sunsets, the Seychelles is a destination that’s ideal for couples. Allow us to help you create the perfect proposal, picture-perfect wedding, unforgettable honeymoon or anniversary. Complete with romantic dinners, couples’ massages and aromatic baths at Raffles Spa, champagne cruises and sundowners on Anse Lazio, one of the world’s best beaches, we can guarantee an unforgettable celebration.

There’s never a dull moment in paradise as this resort comes equipped with an amazing recreation team who knows the island better than anyone! Indoor or out, relaxing or inspiring, for families or couples; Raffles Seychelles has activities which help you feel at one with the natural beauty of the archipelago. With a range of water activities, from snorkeling to boat excursions, to table tennis on the resort or hiking trails for the adventurous, there is something to suit every taste. Fear not the worry of having the kids on vacation as The Sugar Palm Kids Club is a dedicated club catering to toddlers, children, and even teenagers on the resort. Lively, educational and age appropriate activities are coordinated by the Recreation team to ensure that the young ones can enjoy the idyllic paradise of Praslin, as much as adults do.