Ring in the New Year with 10 Wellness Pro Tips by Award Winning  Global Spa Leader – Heidi Grimwood 

Ring in the New Year with 10 Wellness Pro Tips by Award Winning  Global Spa Leader – Heidi Grimwood

What’s a better way to start the New Year than with 10 well proven wellness tips from one of the most long-standing spa leaders in the  industry Heidi Grimwood, who was recently named Global Spa Leader of the Year2022  at the World Spa and Wellness Awards, talks about the ways she maintains a  healthy balance between her personal and professional life by focusing on and  putting into practice a few basic principles.

“Wellness is a state of art, and if we listen to our body, it’s quite simple. I feel  blessed to share some helpful and yet simple wellness tips that I personally  follow in my daily routine to maintain my health, fitness, and happiness” states  Vice President of ELE|NA, Heidi Grimwood

Heidi Grimwood, Vice President, ELE|NA 

Breathe; without proper breathing, it will be impossible to maintain body  equilibrium. We must breathe from the diaphragm to create better wellness for our  mind and body. When you feel stressed or anxious take a moment to feel where your breath is; often during these times our breath is in our chest and our shoulders are  tense. Re-set this by taking deeper breaths, feeling your breath reach your stomach,  sit straight, roll your shoulders back and down, and feel your body instantly calm  after just a few breathes.

Exercise; doesn’t need to always include a trip to the gym, move your body and be  active. Gardening, housekeeping, and taking the stairs rather than the elevator are  all examples of exercises. Parking your car further away from the shop entrance and  walking across the car park all adds to your daily steps.

Feed your body; allow nutrition to serve as both medicine and food. According to  Hippocrates, nutrition is important since we are what we eat. Although you don’t  have to give up all treats, be careful when and what you offer your body, listen to  your body and not your emotional mind; try to reconnect with your intuitive mind and you will be lead in the right direction Enjoy wellness and spa services; the next time you visit a spa, ask the therapist to  offer the best treatment based on how you are feeling that day rather than just  selecting a standard massage. You can do this to restore your equilibrium and  enhance the effects of your spa day.

Try a digital detox once a week; arrange a family day out, ask them to leave their  phones at home and watch what happens—where you go, what you speak about,  whether you sleep better that night—when you don’t use any electronic gadgets.

Sleep is crucial; as is rest. Rest your body and obtain a good night’s sleep so that your  body can restore itself. Your body can only heal when it is relaxing, sleep is a healer.  Often my mind is still to busy when I go to bed so I use a sleep hypnosis via You Tube  which helps me get a better, deeper sleep.

Practice meditation; to help your body and mind unwind. Meditating for even one  minute in the middle of your workday can aid with mental wellness. Many people  who know me know I am not the best at meditating in the traditional sense, but I  have created my own style of meditation by snorkelling or walking through the  mountains. It allows me to be in the present because I have to focus and enjoy the  here and now so for me that is my meditation.

Spend time with family and friends; This tip can help you keep your mental health in  good shape for the long term by making sure you build and keep strong relationships  with your loved ones. Take time for the people who mean something in your life, it  will enlighten their day and also give you a sense of fulfilment.

Maintaining proper hydration; it is essential yet sometimes disregarded as a health  indicator. Maintaining enough blood volume and good physiological function are  both made possible by being hydrated. The best approach to stay hydrated is to  drink water, which has no calories, sugar, or chemicals. Try to drink water from a  copper bottle or cup to ensure the water is more alkaline. Many bottles of water  from a plastic bottle can have more acid.

Although there isn’t a fixed amount that everyone requires each day, try to drink  enough to adequately quench your thirst. If you are thirsty, you are already  dehydrated.

Be kind – enough said.

About ELE|NA

ELE|NA is an acronym for Elements of Nature, which refers to the five elemental forces of  nature – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These help in healing as the energies flow all  around and within every individual. It is divided into two sub-brands: ELE|NA Elements of  Nature and ELE|NA The Spa.

At ELE|NA, guests embark on a holistic journey of wellness, healing, and relaxation, feeling  rejuvenated and refreshed as a result of life-changing experiences, where local healing  traditions are combined with international beauty and spa treatments to provide a one-of-a kind experience.

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