Sailing The Seychelles Islands With The Moorings

Sailing The Seychelles Islands With The Moorings

Take a moment to imagine travelling aboard a private yacht, surrounded by postcard-worthy scenery, in one of the world’s most magnificent cruising destinations. You wake up in a deluxe cabin, walk up to the main deck and look out to a breathtaking vista of bright blue sea and sandy white shores, the likes of which you’ve never laid eyes on before. The morning beckons with endless opportunities for adventure as you savour the moment and think, “What am I in the mood for today?”. With The Moorings, transforming this daydream into a real life memory is easier than you think.

For more than 45 years, The Moorings has been providing travellers and adventure-seekers from all walks of life with second to none yacht charter experiences in some of the most idyllic destinations across the globe. Originally founded by Navy veteran Charlie Cary in 1969, the company was built based on a genuine passion for sailing, strong values, and longstanding customer loyalty.

A steadfast commitment to Cary’s vision for success has allowed The Moorings to set the standard for premier yacht charters in over 20 of the world’s top-rated travel destinations, thus creating the ultimate Five-Star experience on the water – consistently described by guests as their “best holiday ever”. Choose your high quality cruising platform from a cutting-edge fleet of more than 400 state-of-the-art Sail and Power yachts and select from an array of charter options to best suit your group. Whether you are a party of 2 or 20, The Moorings can accommodate all your “time off” needs with no detail spared.

Classically refined and contemporarily equipped, The Moorings monohulls set the standard for performance and comfort. Backed by the boat-building heritage of Beneteau, these vessels are some of the most sought-after charter yachts available. The Moorings is also proud to partner with renowned builder Robertson & Caine to offer award-winning Sail and Power catamarans that deliver impeccable style and spacious layouts. Fuel-efficient Powercats let you go faster and farther on a fully-equipped charter platform that makes cruising feel effortless.

From the moment you begin planning an awe-inspiring Seychelles escape to the moment you disembark from the dock, the chartering process is made as seamless and stress-free as possible, so you can enjoy more time on the water with the ones you cherish most. Break free from ordinary holidays and discover unlimited offshore freedom, on your own clock and compass.

Step aboard your private Sail, Power, Skippered, or all-inclusive Crewed yacht and discover your own piece of unspoiled paradise nestled neatly in the crystalline Indian Ocean. Apply your seasoned seafaring skills at the helm of one of the featured Seychelles charter yachts – a sleek and spacious Moorings 4800 Sail catamaran or a high-performance Moorings 514 Power catamaran. Or, hire a Moorings Skipper to safely navigate the pristine Seychelles cruising grounds for you.

If you’re looking for the ultimate first-rate charter experience, all-inclusive Crewed yachts satisfy those with the finest taste in upscale travel. Indulge your senses like never before with the best onboard accommodations and unmatched service in a world-class destination. With an expert captain and personal gourmet chef catering to every charter need, The Moorings Crewed charters allow you and your favourite travel companions to cast all cares to the wind and enjoy more unforgettable moments on the water while basking in the natural beauty that abounds in the Seychelles.

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is a vibrant oasis composed of more than 100 stunningly secluded islands. With nearly half of its landmass set aside for national parks and reserves, the Seychelles offer an abundance of pristine beaches, sheltered coves, and sapphire waters best explored by private yacht charter. The frenzy of life dissipates as you stroll the streets of Victoria, stopping in the town center with its charming restaurants and intriguing museum.

A Seychelles yacht charter unfolds in an exotic, less-traveled part of the world, which is what makes cruising the Seychelles so appealing. Small, secluded coves fringed with majestic palms set back from pristine white-sand beaches indent many of the islands and just offshore are coral reefs, resplendent in hues of brown, orange, green, and blue.

Half of the Seychelles is set aside as a natural preserve to protect the rare birds – the Seychelles bulbul, black parrot, and fruit pigeon, to name a few – and giant tortoises that live nowhere else but in the Pacific’s Galapagos Islands. The natural wonders are enough to make any Seychelles yacht charter holiday memorable. The seaside resorts, boutiques, and fine restaurants found on some of the Inner Islands add a dash of luxury to the Seychelles experience.

A Seychelles cruising itinerary takes you into unspoiled and uncrowded paradise. The marine preserves on islands populated with diverse and rare species of birds, lizards, and turtles in the Seychelles are exotic and intriguing. The plant life is varied too, from the coco-de-mer palms with huge double coconuts to the pitcher plants, gardenias and orchids that grow on the mountain slopes.

Passages combine a mix of open-water cruising in fair winds and short hops between adjacent islands for snorkeling and scuba diving on the coral reefs or simply relaxing on one of the many white-sand beaches. Although the Inner Islands of the Seychelles are mostly undeveloped, some are home to seaside resorts and small settlements, providing plenty to do ashore as well as aboard your private yacht.

Whether you choose a wind inspired Sailing adventure, a swift and stylish Power escape, or an all-inclusive Crewed getaway, you can count on a Seychelles yacht charter to deliver a one-of-a-kind holiday that you’ll treasure forever. When you’re surrounded by breathtaking coastlines from the deck of your own superb cruising vessel, it feels like you’re living in complete harmony with the world.

Infinite offshore splendor awaits in all directions and it’s time to write your own adventure story. No longer do you have to daydream about achieving absolute bliss while exploring the most awe-inspiring places on earth. Go ahead – bring your fantasy retreat to life by way of unforgettable yacht charter escape and capture something extraordinary. It’s your turn to experience The Moorings Five-Star difference and discover your best holiday ever.


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