Seychelles Balance Mind Body & Soul

Seychelles Balance Mind Body & Soul

Set within the breathtaking islands of Seychelles, M.O.V.E is a yoga retreat that invites guests to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to pat your mind, body and spirit for well-deserved attention. With daily yoga and meditation sessions, mindfulness and self-development workshops, yoga therapy and spa treatments available upon request, attendees are guaranteed to experience healing and awakening within nature.

The retreat is facilitated by a fully qualified holistic health coach, with a focus on Yoga, Pilates and meditation. Born and raised in Seychelles, Lucie always felt a calling to something deeper ever since she was a little girl. She spent her adolescence and early adulthood traveling solo to find herself and discover the meaning and purpose of her life. During her travels she fell in love with holistic health, self development and mindfulness, and started to plunge deeper into these fields to discover their full potential and unlock their secrets.

She brings her passion for holistic health, extensive experience with holistic healing methods and genuine love for helping others to transform individual lives and communities alike. Lucie is the founder of the NGO M.O.V.E. Foundation (Mindfulness- Openness-Vitality-Evolution) that aspires to educate, heal and transform people’s everyday lives through holistic coaching and education and is a certified Health and Wellness coach with a background in life-coaching, and a trained Yoga, Pilates and Meditation instructor.

Lucie, throughout her retreats, ensures guests are guided through healing and reconnecting workshops, life-coaching, cultural and mystical experiences with nature walks, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, swimming, sunbathing and even have time to enjoy the secret spots on these magnificent islands.

Each day starts with a guided yoga and meditation session. The yoga sessions focus on flow, breath, strength, flexibility, and alignment, with guidance through different mixed sequences that will enable you to dive deep into your body and learn how to truly connect to yourself.

The team at M.O.V.E believe that each person and body is different, so they want to teach you to move in a way that is best suited to you, as well as knowing your limitations and how to work through them. A healthy breakfast is served after the first session and guests then have time to relax and enjoy the beautiful island.

Each day comprises of mindful and healing workshops where Lucie provides guests with tools for your everyday life and teaches you to get in your power, release stuck emotions, feel good and free. The team will also keep you busy with other activities such as hiking, island hopping, snorkelling, a boat trip, stand up paddle boarding, and a cultural discovery tour so that you can make the most of your holiday and these beautiful islands.

The team at M.O.V.E believe in choice and individuality so nothing is mandatory, leaving it up to you to decide how much you want to do each day. Their aim is to bring you into the present moment and help you let go of your worries, be happy with who you are, love your body and feel yourself opening up to your highest self. As you celebrate your existence in this surreal paradise, each evening you will wind down with a relaxing practice followed by yoga Nidra.

Each retreat sets out to provide a quality service to ensure a high-end experience with deep connection and exposure to local culture. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided every day, using sustainably sourced and healthy local ingredients for all meals. Guests are served organic delicious local food with a twist and vegetarian, vegan, seafood, and paleo diets are available during the retreat.