Seychelles Casino Unviels Its New Look

Seychelles Casino Unviels Its New Look

Gran Kaz is exactly 4 years old. When we opened our very first offering in Mercury House in 2014 – little did we realise just how fast and how vast we would grow. In these short four years our business has expanded so greatly beyond the original model. Gaming is still our core business, but our offerings have diversified – they’ve grown and adapted, and as a company, we felt the need to grow and adapt our brand accordingly. In addition to the casino and gaming we are now very focussed on our Bar & Grill, our other bar offerings and also a dimension of family friendly gaming at Bel Ombre, which poses a unique opportunity for the company in the next 5 yrs. Thus the decision to rebrand Gran Kaz.

What is the concept of the Rebrand?

The core concept of the rebrand is to marry the old with the new. We wanted to modernise our brand without losing the essence of our products and services. To look to the future, without forgetting the past. We want to show that it is possible to move with the times, without losing tradition. Gran Kaz never ignores the heritage of the Seychellois people and the way of our past. This will always be infused into the offering and entertainment we provide and the locations we occupy. At the same time Gran Kaz is constantly reinventing and innovating the concept of play for all Seychellois people.

How will this change what customers are used to?

It won’t change what the customer have grown accustomed to. Our high levels of service will remain the same, our existing products will not change – we will simply continue adding on to what we offer so as to maximise the Gran Kaz experience for anyone who visits, be they regulars or new clientele. As previously stated, our offerings have grown – from an exclusively gaming orientated business – we have branched out, and we now offer diverse entertainment. We operate some of the most popular sports bars on the island. We are increasingly focusing on bringing to the people new and exciting events, and in terms of gaming, which remains our main focus, we are constantly on the lookout for new experiences that will appeal to our client base.