Seychelles’ ‘Fire and Ice’- a brand new entertainment formula.

Seychelles’ ‘Fire and Ice’- a brand new entertainment formula.


Ideally located at the entrance to Eden Island with its stunning mountain backdrop and commanding views of the marina, Fire and Ice is the new kid on the block when it comes to island-style entertainment. This exciting new venue is the brainchild of Chatterbox owner Kirschlee Naidoo and partner Marsha Parcou who have become familiar with this unique entertainment formula from their travels in South Africa and see the potential in importing it to Seychelles.

The Fire and Ice philosophy is to make it a one-stop-shop for all of Seychelles’ entertainment needs and, above all, a lifestyle brand for locals and visitors alike who are in search of a supremely comfortable, stylish and safe place to enjoy the impressive suite of amenities on offer such as Room 12B, a luxurious, 6-seater VIP space. On the horizon also is a super VVIP 12-seater lounge complete with internet, WiFi and Apple TV. An interior lounge and bar as well as an outside lounge, bar and pool complete a total capacity for approaching 1000 guests.

One of the chief characteristics of Fire and Ice is its innate spirit of flexibility and adaptability and its preparedness to embrace the theme of the moment and take it to the next level. It is proud to offer an intelligently-layered entertainment experience and the ultimate, value-added platform for entertainers as well, both local and international, all cocooned within refined and elegant surrounds. No establishment in Seychelles has ever attempted creating a kind of entertainment platform so capable of adjusting seamlessly to the hosting of pulsating salsa nights, televised sports events, dancehall, R&B and Creole evenings complete with buffet, sushi evenings with all the trappings and after-party extravaganzas such as was recently held for the visit of Major Lazer. The unique combination of the facilities on offer at Fire and Ice, its great ambiance and skill at hosting a wide range of different events has coaxed even Four Seasons Seychelles into holding their staff party at Seychelles’ newest entertainment venue, and for the very first time at any venue other than a hotel.

The uniqueness of the Fire and Ice brand is that it is greater than the sum of its parts, promoting an aspirational lifestyle with access to a wide spectrum of entertainment options complete with WiFi and special projectors, and soon, a restaurant modelled on an up-market steak house capable of conveniently transforming itself into a lounge.With an outside bar catering for speedy orders, Fire and Ice also boasts a cigar and shisha lounge while its chameleon-like ability to embrace vastly different opportunities and challenges is what sets Fire and Ice apart, making it an exciting and truly versatile venue for just about any occasion.

On any evening, an enticing range of conveniently-sized ‘light bites’ is available while the inside 5-star cocktail bar is an attraction in itself never ceasing to add that extra local dimension to its dizzying range of cocktails and home to specially selected barmen whose top drawer flairing and mixing techniques promise a rare, visual treat and the ultimate ‘school of cool’ experience. Meanwhile, its catering team is always seeking to please different nationalities with a specific choice of both national and seasonal treats and delicacies.

This same powerful spirit of innovation pervades the entire venue, from the intelligent, programmable lighting that can transform its ambiance at the flick of a switch to a focused music system that bathes only the dance floor in sound but not peripheral areas, leaving clients free to indulge in conversation.

Fire and Ice regularly re-examines its VIP policy to ensure that it continues to attract the right class of clientele and outside of private functions, an age limit of 21 years is in force.

Asked about what lies in store for Fire and Ice during 2018, Kirschlee explains, “we will continue to break the mould when it comes to offering fresh and exciting entertainment options to Seychellois and visitors alike, and even now we are working on attracting thrilling new entertainers for 2018, details of which I can’t go into at the moment. Rest assured, we will continue to fill an important gap in Seychelles’ entertainment scene with stylish, quality products and our trademark determination to delight our customers.”

Fire and Ice opens every day of the week except Monday and Tuesday (which are also available for private parties). On Wednesday and Thursday the venue opens from the early evening until 01h00; on Friday and Saturday, until 04h00 and on Sunday from 11h00 to 23h00.