The Stunning Rockpool Seafood Bar & Grill Seychelles

The Stunning Rockpool Seafood Bar & Grill Seychelles

Mediterranean Inspired Cuisine with a Sunset View

Marvel at the world’s most beautiful sunset, all the while enjoying the delicate fusion of mediterranean and creole influences on your plate. Hidden within a cove on the northern side of Mahe, the rustic Rockpool Seafood Bar & Grill is home to the panoramic view of a stunning beach caressed by cascading granite boulders and a deep orange and pink sunset.

‘Let the lapping of the waves on the shores delight you whilst you dine or enjoy an early evening cocktail!’

Today, eating out is often an opportunity to immerse yourself in a constellation of good food and conversation, but also in a vibe that fades the fast pace of modern life far, far away. The designers of Rockpool have taken this into account and have incorporated rustic wooden styled furniture, zen art and authentic decor to transport you into a world of dining that you can escape to.

The atmosphere is calm, natural and exclusive’

The restaurant is found just below the terrace of Bliss Hotel, offering a cozy, elegant, outdoor atmosphere. Upon entering Rockpool you are immediately drawn to the secluded and authentic feeling, not to mention the large golden Buddha statue under the shade of the tree in the middle of the restaurant. The friendly team are ready to take you to a table with a smile and offer wonderful cocktails, and some of the best pasta and grills on the island. Rockpool is the ideal venue to experience the perfect fusion of local and Mediterranean culinary delights with a hint of creole touch but be sure not to miss the majestic Silhouette Island in the far distance on the horizon. From the moment the restaurant opens at 1230 until it closes later in the evening at 10pm, guests can come and enjoy a freshly mixed cocktail or coffee whilst feasting the eyes on the beautiful view. If you’re looking for a romantic or relaxed atmosphere for lunch or dinner, the menu offers a range of mouthwatering starter, main course and dessert dishes.

Pastas & Grills

And how would you like your pasta, Al Dente? If you’re asked this question in any restaurant, you know for sure you are dining at a place that knows how to make an amazing pasta dish. There are many pasta dishes to choose from, think of it as the popular recipes with an island twist. The creamy curry coconut shrimp is one you cannot miss! And there are also vegetarian options which include vegetables, pine nuts or pesto.


Imagine the best dessert on the island – the freshly made Panna Cotta qualifies under this category. Guests have hard decisions to make when it comes to choosing from four delightful desserts. From the creamy Panna Cotta, the Tiramisu, and the sweet Apple Crumble with ice cream or the Affogato Al Caffe (Hot coffee with ice cream) the decision will be a tough one to make. Whatever your pick is, there’s a delicate balance of textures and flavours at work that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

The delicious meals and unique ambiance at Rockpool continue to romance travelers and lure new visitors everyday.

Opening Hours:

Everyday from 1230-2200hrs