Two Men, Two Continents, One Vison Driven Through Passion

The story of how two men came together through their shared passion to see their vision of unique originality through.

Hermann Holst, a globe-trotter master optometrist from Hamburg resides in the Seychelles. The place he calls home, where his world is encircled by the sea, in the tropics, next to the beautiful reefs where he can indulge in his passion for water-sports, kite-surfing, diving and fishing.

Markus Temming is an international eyewear designer from Gütersloh, who always wanted to live by the water, far away from Steinhagen, the place where he grew up. His path led him to Osthus-Hof where he designs his exquisite eyewear. Designs that unite everything that Markus T Designs label stand for: Technical finesse, functionality, comfort and simple elegance.

Both these men love to tread new, unique and curiously adventurous paths which led them to the exceptional and first ever International Designer Concept Store in the Seychelles Islands.

Holst, the globe-trotter optometrist, fondly known as “Hermann the German”, already had 3 shops, but felt that his interior design lacked an extraordinary concept. That is, until he met up with long-time friend, Markus T, at the Silmo in Paris in 2011. With Markus T’s glasses having been developing at such a pace, his previous exhibition stand simply couldn’t transport them all. It was a shame as the booths design was incredibly eye-catching and futuristic, great concept nestled in. That’s when the optical duo came up with their idea that Herman (the German) would use the booth, as the interior for his new shop. And BEYOND THE SEA was born.

Beyond The Sea is a concept store that incites the feeling of futuristic vision, encapsulating the fine art of exquisitely designed functional pieces of eyewear. A design that gives the customer the impression as though they’re in a gallery of fine, functional art. With pieces from internationally recognized designers such as Markus T, Tom Ford, and Jimmy Choo, Mykita, BlackFin and Morel, there is something for every style and taste.

Each piece is carefully selected by Hermann and his team, ensuring only the finest, most exquisite and artistic-inspired designed pieces are picked to be displayed and sold at Beyond the Sea. This ensures it is an outlet of true original concept and that “Joie de vivre” style and “avant-craft” craftsmanship.

Since the official opening in 2012 on the luxurious island of Eden Island, Beyond The Sea continues to operate as the only International Designer Concept Store in the Seychelles, expanding its services to optical service as well. Not only can customers browse the elegantly displayed collection of eyewear over a cup of tea or coffee, but they can have their eyes tested too. Unparalleled professional service with utmost care for each individual customer is what one will experience at Beyond The Sea – a motto that is carried throughout all five of the Vision Care outlets in the Seychelles.