Why High Waisted Bikinis Are The Next Big Trend Press Release

Why High Waisted Bikinis Are The Next Big Trend Press Release

High waisted bikini bottoms are one of the fastest-growing trends in the world of swimwear. The sheer vintage beauty of these items makes them as attractive and as classic as can be. This is actually a rather vintage design and approach to your swimwear wardrobe, so it is not exactly an innovation. But then again, all classic items and styles come back every once in a while, so it is no surprise that this beautiful and practical item would return.

Yes, a high waisted bikini is indeed a practical item instead of just a fashionable one. How can it be both exactly? The high waisted bikini is full of potential as a flattering piece of swimwear as well as a gorgeous one. The high fit of the bottoms, for example, is great for shaping your figure and giving you a more hourglass appearance.

Not only that, but some designers are using the opportunity they get in the form of extra coverage. The little extra material extends to around your navel, and this makes adding a little dose of shaping and control pretty easy. Not all items have this officially, but even the presence of the extra material helps to sculpt your figure a touch and keeps your tummy looking that extra bit more trim.

  Together, these are one of the main reasons high waisted bikinis are so popular. They make you look a little curvier without making you look a size larger as some patterns are prone to do. And if you already have curves, these high waisted bikini bottoms are ideal for shaping what you already have and making your proportions look more dramatic and womanly.

But the one main reason for having this particular piece of swimwear in your wardrobe is the vintage style, above all else. It is the perfect thing to wear if you want a certain aesthetic, namely the pin-up look. If you like pin-up girls and the sex symbols of the 1950s and 1960s, then you will definitely want to get hold of a high waisted bikini or two. They have such a classic and vintage look to them, and so many designers recognize this too. They put the same prints and colour schemes on them as they did the first time around, making these bikinis the perfect item for a blast of the past.

High wasted bikini UK sales are climbing every year thanks to this convergence of beauty, vintage appeal, and practicality. It really is no wonder they are coming back in a strong way, and really we think they will become one of the best and most loved items in the whole industry in the years to come.