The Jouel of the Seychelles

The Jouel of the Seychelles

Based in the Seychelles, JOUEL is a company rich in African heritage dating back 35 years where, as a successful family-run business, it continues to invest in exquisite diamond polishing, gemstone cutting, unique jewellery design and manufacture and the purchase of uncut diamonds at source.

This, combined with the fact that Diamond SA is one of the few companies in the Indian Ocean to trade in Tanzanite, perhaps the most exciting blue stone ever to be discovered (only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania) and reputed to be a thousand times rarer than diamonds, provides the company with matchless pedigree and expertise in the domain of precious stones.

Starting with its first two jewellery boutiques in the departure lounges of the Seychelles’ International & Praslin Domestic airports in 2004, the company then restored the historic national monument Kenwyn House, a standout example of colonial architecture in the heart of the Seychelles’ capital Victoria, where it opened its flagship luxury store the following year in 2005.

Since that time, JOUEL has become synonymous with providing the ultimate experience in acquiring high-end jewellery, earning an enviable reputation for sophistication, elegance and consummate professionalism here in Seychelles.

Today, JOUEL is a proud, well-respected Seychellois company with deep roots in the local community and with a dedicated workforce that is 90% local, some of who have been with the company since its inception, benefiting from a full-time, in-house trainer to ensure that JOUEL’s exemplary standards and hallmark customer care are faithfully maintained.

At the heart of JOUEL are its seven curated collections of exquisite jewellery, each of which combine glamour in elegant designs embodying the vibrant colours of the exquisite forms and spirit of freedom of the paradise they originate from – the Seychelles.

From its White Fire collection of masterfully cut and angled diamonds to the distinctiveness of the Royal Blue Collection’s uber-rare Tanzanite and the Mystique Collection with its mesmerising emeralds, sapphires, lustrous black diamonds and fiery rubies, through theAllure Collection of sumptuous, cultured salt water pearls and the Tropical Collection that captures the quintessence of Seychelles through inspired combinations of scintillating richly-hued gemstones, sublime design is unfailingly and passionately translated into masterpieces of astonishing detail.

Completing the collections are the Nautilus with its divine representations of Seychelles’ beauty beneath the waves: mother of pearl, coco-de-mer, turtles and starfish cast in silver and, finally, the Fantasia with its tantalising rose quartz, opulent amethyst, enthralling amazonite and glittering blue sandstone, all immortalised in rhodium-plated sterling silver.

JOUEL is also home to a number of powerful sub-brands, including Splash Jewellery combining silver and semi-precious gemstones, enamel and fresh-water pearls to echo the subtleties of Seychelles’ famed natural beauty; Ardmore Ceramics, hailed by Christie’s Auction House as modern day collectables with significant investment value and, recently, in collaboration with luxury French brand, Hermes and Chris Bladen, widely recognised as one of the planet’s finest wild fish sculptors for whom JOUEL is an exclusive agent.

JOUEL also hosts Mint, a unique collection of specially designed, limited edition legal tender gold coins, the first inspired by Seychelles’ landscapes and paying special tribute to such avian treasures as the Seychelles kestrel, bare-legged Scops owl and the paradise flycatcher.

JOUEL is the official retailer of Tag Heuer timepieces in Seychelles.

JOUEL also offers the additional benefit of an easy instalment payment facility for Seychelles’ residents, allowing payments over three monthly instalments.

Now very much forming an established part of the fabric of Seychelles’ society, JOUEL initiated the CSR project of Autism Advocacy. In 2012, in collaboration with the Children’s Home, the company was able to raise awareness of autism in the country, assisting in the creation of an association, Pearl Seychelles, led by parents of autistic children, which took over the advocacy work in 2013.

In 2006 JOUEL was also commissioned by the Seychelles Tourism Board as the official sponsor of the crown of Miss Seychelles…another world, and manufactured the bespoke gold and diamond crown for Miss Seychelles and her two princesses, which are still being worn today by the country’s national beauty queens.

From 2013 to the present day, JOUEL has also sponsored unique gold ‘trophy’ pendants in the form of marlin, sailfish, tuna and red snapper as prizes for fishing tournaments hosted by the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club, which the company now partners in the promotion of sustainable fishing methods in Seychelles.

JOUEL’s new flagship store is located at The Quadrant in central Victoria where an exquisite array of fine jewellery, gold coins and ceramic and bronze sculptures are on display and where the company offers clients a dedicated, private parking facility on request.

JOUEL Eden Plaza is appropriately located overlooking the Indian Ocean’s largest yacht marina and where a selection of fine jewellery and Tag Heuer watches may be found.

Other outlets are located at the Mahé International Airport, Praslin Domestic Airport, Four Seasons Seychelles Resort, Constance Ephelia Seychelles, Constance Lémuria Seychelles, Alphonse island Resort, North Island, Frégate Island Private, Avani Seychelles Barbarons resort, Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort & Spa & Six Senses Zil Pasyon.

For further information, JOUEL may be contacted on 422 44; and can also be found on Facebook: @JOUEL.Seychelles and via Instagram: jouel_seychelles.